DBT Based Approach

Do you feel your mind is being pulled in a hundred different directions at once? Do you have a hard time handling some of your emotions, and does this cause any problems in your relationships?

We pull from various DBT modalities to manage painful emotions and conflicts. This modality focuses on 4 specific areas of therapeutic skills. These are:

  • Mindfulness – Helps individuals be present in the current moment.
  • Distress tolerance – Most people try and keep themselves safe from all negative emotions. Distress tolerance is geared toward increasing a person’s tolerance to negative emotion.
  • Emotion regulation – Offers strategies to manage intense emotions that are the root cause of problems in a person’s life.
  • Interpersonal effectiveness – These techniques allow an individual to communicate with others in a confident, assertive way that maintains self-respect and strengthens relationships.

How Does it Work Exactly?

Many of us live our daily lives with a constant stream of uncontrollable negative emotions right under our awareness. These emotions affect how we feel about ourselves and how we interact with other people, including friends, romantic partners and family members.

DBT based counseling offers individuals specific skills to better help manage their negative emotions so they can feel balanced, in control and able to interact respectfully and successfully. The message at the heart of DBT is acceptance and change.

DBT treatment usually consists of a combination of DBT skills groups and individual therapy sessions. The individual therapy sessions allow you to have one-on-one contact with a trained therapist who will help you apply DBT skills to your daily life, address any obstacle that may arise and keep you motivated! The DBT skills group interactions will help you practice skills with others and offer mutual support.

If you or someone you know may benefit from dialectic behavioral therapy, please get in touch with us. We would be happy to discuss how we may be able to help.

DBT Skills Group for Adults & Teens

Faciliated by Stephen Handley, LCSW

Join Stephen to learn the core four skills of DBT: Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation, Interpersonal Skills and Mindfulness.

DBT teaches you to regulate your emotions, improve your relationships, understand your emotions without always acting on them, and reducing undesired behaviors.

FOR ADULTS: Stephen will be faciliating two groups, one virtually and on in person, beginning Wednesday, September 20th. Virtually from 12 noon to 1:30pm and in person from 5:15p to 6:45pm.

FOR TEENS: Stephen will be facilitating an in person group, every Thursday, from 4-5pm beginning September 21st.

The cost is $50 per week, due at the start of each of the four modules.

Please call 804-239-7688 or reach out via email as [email protected] for more information.