Lauren Hetzler, LCSW

Clinical Background:

Lauren, a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of social work. She began her academic journey by earning her Bachelor of Social Work Degree from the prestigious James Madison University. Building on this strong foundation, Lauren furthered her education by obtaining a Master of Social Work Degree from Radford University. With these qualifications in hand, Lauren has dedicated herself to helping individuals, couples, and families through the provision of psychotherapy. She utilizes a diverse range of therapeutic approaches to address the unique needs of her clients, drawing upon her expertise and training to provide effective interventions. Lauren’s areas of specialization encompass a wide range of mental health concerns, including anxiety/stress, depression, trauma related symptoms, mood disorders, work stressors/burnout, and challenging relationship dynamics. Her commitment to providing high-quality care and support shines through in her work, as she strives to empower her clients to overcome obstacles and achieve improved mental well-being.

Therapy philosophy: “I want to provide a supportive environment for my clients to learn about themselves and their purpose. Everyone’s journey to healing and growth is unique. I believe in providing a safe environment where clients can fully express themselves, and we can work together to challenge our mindset towards healing. I want to provide a space for hope. We do not have to live in survival mode. While we can’t always control our environment, we can control how we respond. When we take the time to learn about our mental health and mindset, we then have the power to better manage life’s stressors. I would be honored to assist you in your journey towards healing and growth.”

Outside of the office: 

Lauren is happily married to my wonderful spouse, and together we are the proud parents of two energetic and lively children. One of the greatest joys in her life is spending quality time with her family, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it’s taking impromptu trips to their favorite ice cream shop or simply lounging on the couch in our comfiest sweats while binge-watching documentaries, those moments bring us the most happiness. Her family also loves exploring new places and embarking on adventures together, especially when it involves a trip to the beach where we can soak up the sun and create unforgettable experiences as a family.

Lauren is proud to offer her services to the Midlothian community, where she has lived and worked for many years. She understands the unique challenges and needs of the community and is committed to providing quality mental health services to its residents. Lauren is passionate about helping individuals and families in Midlothian find hope and healing, and she is dedicated to making a positive impact in the community.