Misty Tafao, LADC/MH, LSATP, MAC. EMDRIA Consultant

Misty’s journey towards a career in counseling started upon her successful completion of her Bachelor’s degree in Human Services with a minor in Psychological Studies from Wayland Baptist University. She then decided to further her education by pursuing a Master’s degree in Substance Abuse Studies from the University of Central Oklahoma. 

Through her experiences working in a diverse range of settings and with various populations, Misty discovered her deep-seated passion for helping individuals who have experienced trauma and its far-reaching effects, particularly those struggling with PTSD and dissociation. As a testament to her dedication and expertise in this field, Misty is licensed as an LADC/MH in Oklahoma and as an LSATP in Virginia.

Misty is a compassionate and empathetic therapist who deeply values the concept of holistic healing, recognizing the significance of engaging every aspect of the individual – mind, body, and soul – in the process of personal transformation and growth. 

She incorporates a diverse range of therapeutic modalities into her practice, drawing upon not only psychological techniques but also the profound truths found within the teachings of scripture and the gentle, guiding presence of the Holy Spirit. By embracing this multifaceted approach, Misty empowers her clients to embark on a journey towards enduring change, as she believes that true healing stems from a connection to something greater than themselves.

In her practice, Misty embodies a philosophy of non-judgment and unconditional acceptance, meeting each client exactly where they are in their unique life circumstances and emotional struggles. By creating a supportive and nurturing environment, she aims to foster a sense of safety and trust that allows her clients to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings with honesty and vulnerability. 

Through this open and accepting space, Misty encourages her clients to cultivate mindfulness and curiosity about themselves and their own personal narrative, enabling them to deepen their self-awareness and understanding of their own inner workings.

By striving to create a space of emotional well-being and self-discovery, Misty is dedicated to guiding her clients along a path of personal growth and transformation that leads to lasting change and empowerment. 

Through her compassionate and holistic approach to therapy, she empowers individuals to embark on a journey of self-exploration, healing, and personal fulfillment, ultimately helping them to unlock their true potential and discover the strength and resilience within themselves to overcome life’s challenges and adversities.

She doesn’t simply aim to impart coping skills to her clients; instead, she is driven by a deep-seated desire to assist them in recognizing and ultimately conquering the obstacles that have burdened them, enabling them to navigate life with a newfound sense of liberation. 

As a certified EMDR therapist and an approved consultant by EMDRIA, she is well-versed in a myriad of trauma-focused techniques, such as Polyvagal theory, somatic work, and dissociation (Ego State/parts work). In addition to her expertise in trauma therapy, she also possesses a specialization in substance abuse and addiction counseling.

She goes beyond the traditional role of a therapist by offering her clients a transformative journey toward freedom. Through her extensive training and experience, which includes being certified as an EMDR therapist and an EMDRIA approved consultant, she empowers individuals to not only develop coping skills but to identify and conquer the deep-rooted struggles that have held them back. 

As a combat veteran and active duty spouse, Misty possesses a deep understanding of the unique challenges and joys that come with military life. Having been through the rigors of serving in the armed forces, she has developed a strong appreciation for the opportunities it has afforded her, particularly the chance to travel and meet new people. 

Alongside her husband, Misty is a proud parent to four children and a doting grandparent to one grandchild. Beyond her familial responsibilities, she is deeply passionate about homeschooling her children and instilling in them a love for learning. 

When she’s not busy with her family or supporting her husband’s military career, Misty enjoys indulging in her diverse hobbies, which include exploring new foods, immersing herself in a good book, and spending leisurely time in nature. In recent times, she has also taken up the hobby of gardening, finding solace and fulfillment in nurturing plants and tending to her own garden. 

Additionally, Misty is a woman of strong faith and values, which led her to found and oversee the Beauty for Ashes Healing Retreat in Oklahoma. This transformative retreat provides Christian women with a safe space to process trauma and begin the journey towards healing, all under Misty’s compassionate and skilled direction.